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UNE - The Universal NPC Emulator

Zach Best (author)
Matthew Vasey (artist)
Conjecture Games (publisher)

I bought this for my ongoing research on solo play tools. It's PWYW at

First Impressions
This is a pretty straightforward book, so let me just list the pros and cons, as I see them.

This book has great tables. I think they are a bit too fussy at times, but they generate really clear NPCs for player interaction. These are some of the best tables I've seen for making the "inner" NPC (see the first 'Con' below).

The tables are really pretty universal. I think you would rarely hit an odd NPC for about any of the traditional RPG settings (fantasy, sf, crime, supers, etc.).

The NPC generator focus on the inner NPC - their skill set, motivation, mood & bearing, etc. Any physical traits are inferred. For instance, if you have a "destitute" NPC, the GM could easily add details to show …

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