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Extinguish the Sun Vol. 1

Chance Phillips (author)
Michael R., Evylyn M. (artists)
David Shugars (layout & design)

First Impressions
This OSR zine is a tight little construction for running a gritty Mad Max style game in a PA fantasy city.

The initial writing is pretty cool, giving you a description of a dying, walled city with miserable slaves and a tyrannical elite caste. Engineers who design ever more deadly weapons of war and cooks who design ever more decadent dishes for noble lips. One wonders why anyone would go there, but that's beside the point. People don't commit suicide, despite their grim surroundings, because it would just mean going to work as a zombie instead of a living, breathing slave.

The transition from a bleak fantasy world to one dominated by Mad Max style road warriors is a little rough. [EDIT - I didn't understand this until later, but the first half and the second half aren't necessarily related. So the "…

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