Why another blog? I have a habit of buying cool RPG things at face value, with the firm intention of reading and playing them. But what usually happens is that I toss them into a "to be read" pile and mostly forget about them. So my new resolution is that every RPG product I buy/acquire from here forward (3/26/2018) must be immediately (within 5 days) read and commented on. I get mad bonus points for playing it within two weeks.

Why should you read it? I don't care if you do or not. This is my personal penance for being a schmuck that buys things without reading/enjoying them. But I think you might find my thoughts on my purchases useful, if you are tempted by the same things I am. Take my opinions for what they are worth, please. And feel free to argue, point out things I've overlooked, etc. in the comments.

What this blog is not. This blog is not an invitation for you to send me review copies hoping I will write favorably about your thing. You can approach me, of course, but don't get offended if I say no. This is also not a blog in which I try to review products for others. I am not trying to match anyone's tastes but my own or to search out any particular type of audience, creator, political agenda, play style, etc. I am simply paying the "tax" on things I buy, that tax being to read them and talk about them in a reasonable/short form. Again, if you find it of use, great. But I'm not really taking requests.

Structure! To be successful I am going to use a quick rubric.

1) How did it get my attention?
2) Why did I actually buy it?
3) What are my first impressions?
4) What are my second and/or post-play impressions?

In terms of measuring the success of my resolution, I only need make it to 3. Point 4 is optional. Stay tuned, the rubric may change in the future as needed.


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